You are family at Spadina ELCC

From the time you walk through our doors in the morning until pick-up time at the end of the day you know your children are well cared for.  From snack time to nap time your children will feel at home.  Children will see themselves reflected in their environments which stimulate communication, invite questions, encourage investigation and promote exploration. Children sense that they and their families belong in the setting.  Spadina has a very dedicated team of Professional Early Childhood Educators providing care in each of our four locations.

Our Program

Our program reflects the belief that children develop independence, confidence and competence when there opportunity for choice. Children initiate their own play activities and our Educators encourage children to explore the wide range of options available through a variety of interest centres. Children choose their companions, individual or group play. In all cases we strive to provide an age-appropriate and stimulating play environment for our children through multi-age groupings.

Spadina Early Learning & Childcare Cooperative Philosophy

Mission Statement

Spadina Early Learning & Childcare Cooperative (Spadina ELCC) will provide a safe, flexible, stimulating inclusive environment focusing on the development of the whole child – social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth.


Guiding Principles

Spadina ELCC operates an inclusive environment in which children are recognized as competent and capable learners. We challenge all children to grow to the best of their abilities. We meet the physical needs of all children and respect the family values they carry with them.
Spadina ELCC is committed to creating learning environments that are places of wonder and excitement, reflecting the strengths and interests of our children.
Spadina ELCC acknowledges family strengths and individuality by recognizing differences in histories, cultures, family compositions, and methods of coping.
Spadina ELCC recognizes that family is the constant in each child’s life, while the service systems and personnel within those systems change.
Spadina ELCC believes that families have the responsibility to make healthy and safe choices for their children.
Spadina ELCC promotes and facilitates collaboration between parents, early childhood educators, and professionals in child development and program planning.
Spadina ELCC will always communicate with parents in an honest, supportive, unbiased, and confidential manner.
Spadina ELCC is committed to providing childcare services to children from all cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.